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Express your feelings with online gifts delivery in Philippines

In this fast-paced world, gifts are the most efficient way to say and appreciate the loved ones in our life. Be it a birthday, promotion, graduation, anniversary, wedding, or any other festive event, remembering someone and sending some pretty and fresh flowers will make the event more special and grand. Send gifts to Philippines to strengthen your relationship and celebrate your magical journey of love. Online gifts delivery in Philippines gives you the opportunity to conquer over distance and any other hurdle that might be in your way. Expressing our love is an important part of any relationship. But not all of us can do it beautifully. This attitude should not affect your relationship or sadden your loved ones. Gifting something special is the perfect way to inform your loved one just how special they are without saying it out loud. If you are in Philippines and wanting to express your love, send flowers and cakes delivery to their doorstep as a symbol of your love.

Send fresh flowers and lovely cakes to your loved ones with

Choosing the right gift is no child’s play,while gifting someone is the perfect way to adore and caress our loved ones.Different individuals have different liking and choosing the perfect gifts becomes a taxing task. Myflorista understands your dilemma in choosing gift and that is why has come up with the best and the most meaningful gifts delivery service in Philippines.With Myflorista’s online gifts delivery in Philippines, you will be spoilt for choice and you can easily and effortlessly choose and send attractive gifts that are guaranteed to impress your loved ones. With a huge collection of fresh and fragrant flowers, delicious cakes, decadent chocolates, romantic balloons, and beautiful fruits, you will wonder what to buy and what not. Moreover, this Philippines gift delivery service goes to every city of Philippines to deliver your message and token of love to your friends and family. Even if you are far away, in a different country or city, MyFlorista will help you celebrate the special moments and save your loved one from the sadness of your absence.

Avail flowers and chocolate delivery for your loved one’s birthday in Manila

Life should not be only lived, but also celebrated!!! Birthdays are extremely special and gifts are one of the most important parts of the celebration.Is it your girlfriend or wife’s birthday? Are you in a dilemma to find the best gift for her? If you are worried about choosing a gift that she loves and adores, why not gift her a bouquet of fresh and exotic flowers of your choice!! Send flowers in Manila,Cebu,Davao or Quezon city and surprise her on the special occasion. Flowers are a boon that is loved universally. Everyone in this world is fascinated by attractive and enchanting arrangement of fresh flowers. Your girlfriend or wife will reciprocate with love and adore by the gifts your thoughtfulness behind your love. The fresh and mesmerizing flowers will sparken her mood and her day. Choclates are woman’s best friend.if you think just flowers will not be able to live up to her expectations of the special occasion, send flowers and chocolate delivery to her doorstep and see her bright light up with joy and happiness.The delicious and mouthmelting chocolates will perfectly complement your flowers and give her the opportunity to indulge and satisfy her sweet tooth.Even if you are outside Manila and other cities like Caloocan or Zamboanga city ,you are likely to find a gift from Myflorista, just send her a surprise birthday gift and celebrate the occasion from afar.

Send birthday cake to Philippines or Manila to celebrate wedding anniversaries

Be it the birthday of your lover or husband, a lovely gift is a perfect way to celebrate the grandeur occasion. But what we all know is that men are extremely hard to shop for. you might be facing a similar dilemma as what to gift them that they will like and appreciate. Myflorista has the perfect solution for your problems. Why not send a birthday cake to Philippines to celebrate and rejoice the day! We have been always hearing that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Why not send a delicious cake to him which has assurance to love you all the more .Gift him and he shall devour the entire cake in a matter of minutes. Myflorista delivers delicious and indulgent cakes from the best bakery in town. The chocolate cake will leave him wanting more.If you want to make the gift even more special, you can get some celebratory flowers for his office desk or dining table. It will brighten his surrounding and make his day more fragrant and joyful.

Long-distance love made easy with online gifts delivery to Antipolo City

Are you recently away from your loved ones in Antipolo City because of any specific reason? ‘Away from sight ,away from mind’ is a proverb we have heard a lot of times.Long distance relationships are extremely difficult to mange and one needs to ensure that your partner knows exactly how much you love him or her. Sending some special gift from time to time is the perfect way to tell them that you are thinking about them. Even simple flowers and fruits delivery will be your token of love, your way to express your thoughts and feelings. Your long-distance girlfriend /boyfriend or any loved one might be feeling longing for you. Send them a beautiful and charming flower arrangement to brighten their day. you can also add some chocolates to make them happy and joyful. Your flowers and chocolate delivery will let them know how special they are in your life even when you are miles apart.

For a memorable baby shower- avail flowers and gift delivery

To have a baby is the dream of most of the people in the world. Is your sister ,sister- in- law or best friend about to experience the beauty and elegance of motherhood? The special occasion calls for a celebration which has to be remembered for a life time.Send her a cake or flowers to make her feel the warmth.Let her have the fun and enjoy and grand party to celebrate her coming days of motherhood. Get flowers and balloon delivery in Philippines and decorate the entire venue with an abundance of both. Just imagine the excitement of surprise and awe on her face when she will see an entire room decorated with flowers and balloons.We can assure you that she would dance with joy of her pregnancy and she will remember this baby shower for lifetime. If you want to make the event more memorable, you can arrange a cake-cutting ceremony too. Get flowers and cake delivery in Philippines and help her experience the fun of her special motherhood.

Exotic and beautiful flowers to celebrate the happy occasion in Pasig City

Do you want to make your special friend feel special and unique? Just any common flower will not do. You need exotic and rare flowers to express your unique love. Myflorista gives you the opportunity to do just that with an extensive and wide variety of luxurious flowers available online. You can choose the most exotic, rare, and luxurious ones and send flowers to your loved ones in Philippines. From blue orchids to Mokara Orchids, from lilies to Phalaenopsis, and more, you will get them all with All you need is to select her favourite flowers online,and get it delivered to her doorstep. The procedure of finding a gift on the site is simple and quick.This exotic and stunning arrangement is bound to leave her impressed and spell-bound. Your lover will not only appreciate but also feel loved.

Easy and quick gifts delivery to Philippines for all celebratory and joyous occasion


May it be any occasion like graduation day or a wedding in the family, a friend’s birthday, a relative anniversary, or your sibling’s graduation, you would obviously want to celebrate with a congratulatory gift for them. In our busy schedules, it becomes difficult to take out enough time to go to the market, choose the best possible gift, get it packed, and courier it to get it delivered to your loved one’s residence or office. With Myflorista online gifts delivery in Philippines, you can sit right in your living room and log in to from your phone. Just go online and choose the gift that you think is appropriate for the occasion and get it delivered. This easy and effortless process saves you the time and effort of traditional shopping. So,impress your loved one today .. login to and see the magic.


Send Flowers In Philippines

Birthday Flowers

  • Perfect Choice 12

    Perfect Choice

    PHP 990.00 / $ 20.00

  • Viberant Love

    Viberant Love

    PHP 990.00 / $ 20.00

  • Golden Valley

    Golden Valley

    PHP 3550.00 / $ 71.00

  • Roses Shower

    Roses Shower

    PHP 1590.00 / $ 32.00

  • Simple Beauty ( 12 Roses )

    Simple Beauty

    PHP 990.00 / $ 20.00

Annivarsary Flowers

  • Radiant Pink

    PHP 3250.00 / $ 65.00

  • Perfect Love

    PHP 1990.00 / $ 40.00

  • 12 Light Pink Roses

    PHP 2290.00 / $ 46.00

  • Finest Assortment

    PHP 2290.00 / $ 46.00

  • Graceful Tulips

    PHP 850.00 / $ 17.00

Luxury Flowers

  • Sweet Kiss

    PHP 3250.00 / $ 65.00

  • Simplicity Itself

    PHP 1290.00 / $ 26.00

  • Full Blooms

    PHP 1850.00 / $ 37.00

  • Exotic Orchid Beauty

    PHP 2590.00 / $ 52.00

  • Sun Sweet

    PHP 1250.00 / $ 25.00